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Cherish your baby’s first moments with our adorable Baby Monthly Milestone Stickers.

Celebrate each month of your Newborn Baby with 1 Month to 1 Year Old stickers as well as 8 Milestone stickers including ‘Just Born’, ‘First Word’ and many more. We also include Holiday stickers to capture your baby’s first special Holidays.

Just peel, stick and you’re ready to capture those perfect moments - from their first steps to their first Christmas.

Baby Girl Monthly Milestone Stickers (Set of 24)


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' These are BEAUTIFUL! '

Seriously, these are so pretty! They shimmer a little and each one is different in the best way! Love the gold details & text. I got them for my niece but maybe I need another baby girl so I can use them? ☺️ 


Savannah Delozier

' Makes a great gift for expecting mamas! '

I gave them as part of a baby shower gift and they were a hit! Everyone was asking where to get these from. They’re so pretty!


Anna Padilla

' Great product would highly recommend! '

They are just as pretty as the pictures! Would work great for scrapbooking as well as belly stickers. The packaging was also great to be able to store the unused stickers until needed


Brittany Howard

' Great baby gift and inexpensive too! '

I ordered these for my daughter for her baby shower.
She absolutely loved them!!!  Not only do they have the # of months but they have firsts also!! Each one is different which she also liked. So needless to say this was a great gift purchase for expecting mommies!!  Would purchase as a gift again...


Steph A.

' Simply Gorgeous ❤️ '

These are gorgeous! The coluoring is so pretty and vibrant, and the gold lettering really is gold foil! These are just stunning!